Lokalekonomernas nätverk

Omställning till lokal ekonomi

Conference on Living Local Economies

In the light of a shaky global economy, many are calling for re-localization. They are seeking new solutions to develop the local community in a globalized world. Which cases can we find in the Nordic arena? What instruments are available to support the work of local actors in the development of the local economy? What role can the public play to support these types of initiatives?

The meeting will help to disseminate and discuss existing and new solutions. The Living Local Economies conference is designed for stakeholder’s at all different levels of the innovation system. The organisers are the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), the Swedish Ministry for Rural Affairs and the network Lokalekonomerna. It is a conference under the Swedish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.


You find the program, registration, information about how to get to Årecontact information and more on the sub pages of this website (point on Living Local Economies in the main menu). Registration is now officially closed, but if you are interested in attending do not hesitate to email the Project Manager, ylva.lundkvist@slu.se.








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